Navigation of the Heart 

My new EP “Navigation of the Heart” is out today.  This is definitely the most focused project I’ve ever done.  As always, I wanted each song to have it’s own identity but sonically and lyrically, I wanted the songs to work together.  A mini concept album of sorts.  A timeline: from being single, to meeting someone, to breaking up and the thoughts and feelings that linger after the relationship is over.  There were going to be 5 songs on this EP, with a track in the middle being the upbeat, high point in the relationship.  The song I wrote to occupy that space ended up not making cut.  Honestly, it was just too cheesy and I didn’t think the quality of songwriting was on the same level as the other songs.

After the “Somewhat Unplugged” EP, I wanted to do something with more of a rock edge to it.  So I dusted off the electric guitars.  I’ve had this project about 90% done for some time now.  Once I made the decision to cut one song and make some final tweaks to another, I finally felt it was ready for release.  So, here it is.  You can download it directly from my website here on the music page or download/stream with the link belo

I hope you like it :)

Drums and percussion performed by Christian Dorn

Flute performed by Rowan Hamwood

Mixed and mastered by Stephen Pettyjohn

New EP "Somewhat Unplugged" 

Hello everyone!  So I thought it would be cool to put out an EP with a more stripped down sound using mainly all acoustic instrumentation.  Acoustic guitars, cajon, bongos etc. The work is very much a DIY project having played all the instruments myself while also recording and mixing the tacks at home.  I definitely have a lot to learn on the mixing side of things but I think it turned out pretty good.  Besides the fact that it’s a money saver, I really enjoy the freedom of recording at home and being able to experiment and capture inspired performances without the stress of being in a professional studio with the clock ticking.   

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out what I’ve been up to.  I hope you like the songs! 


Appropriate Notes 

Joe Steele's new release "Appropriate Notes" is certainly appropriately titled.  The words, the melodies, rhymes and notes flow through Joe's songs in what seems to be an effortless manner.  From snappy lyric driven jams to soulful ballads, Joe Steele is a well rounded artist with a unique sound and raw talent.  In a time when our world truly needs it, he brings us the song "Much Love."  A tender, well written jem on this album that reminds us to choose kindness and that giving love to others can go a long way. 

Don Burton 

K-Shasta 104.3 Air Personality and Program Director

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The Grape Escape

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The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape

Wine and music y'all!

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