Navigation of the Heart

My new EP “Navigation of the Heart” is out today.  This is definitely the most focused project I’ve ever done.  As always, I wanted each song to have it’s own identity but sonically and lyrically, I wanted the songs to work together.  A mini concept album of sorts.  A timeline: from being single, to meeting someone, to breaking up and the thoughts and feelings that linger after the relationship is over.  There were going to be 5 songs on this EP, with a track in the middle being the upbeat, high point in the relationship.  The song I wrote to occupy that space ended up not making cut.  Honestly, it was just too cheesy and I didn’t think the quality of songwriting was on the same level as the other songs.

After the “Somewhat Unplugged” EP, I wanted to do something with more of a rock edge to it.  So I dusted off the electric guitars.  I’ve had this project about 90% done for some time now.  Once I made the decision to cut one song and make some final tweaks to another, I finally felt it was ready for release.  So, here it is.  You can download it directly from my website here on the music page or download/stream with the link belo

I hope you like it :)

Drums and percussion performed by Christian Dorn

Flute performed by Rowan Hamwood

Mixed and mastered by Stephen Pettyjohn

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